Hello UG Commnity
I am sort of new to the forums..(in regards of posting) although I've been watching and spying on some topics around here from time to time.

I was just wondering if you guys could help me win a local contest held by my city music store, where you have to write a guitar/bass riff but unfortunately the winner will be chosen by the amount of likes they have on facebook...so that is kind of lame, but it would mean the whole world to me if I could atleast have a small chance of winning that BASS guitar I'm competing for =]
Nothing much, just a SR3000 Ibanez.

So...all you have to do is just get here

scroll through the comments until you get to Bob Bob (which would be me, and like comment that includes my video with the riff. not the youtube video, but the comment from their facebook page)

*i know it's really lame, but I'll gladly appreciate every little help*
Thank you so much !

I'm not sure if I posted in the right thread, i sure hope I did.
I am sort of a not new musician. I'm mostly a guitar player but I always craved for a bass that could help me recording. The bass from the video ain't mine, so that's why it would mean the world to me if I won since I cannot really afford a bass guitar right now.
I've been recording guitar for a couple of years now, but never had the chance to really master the tracks right and post them anywhere.
But that should start anytime soon especially if I get to win this contest.

Thank you for reading, and please help a fellow artist.
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Would love to but I don't have facebook and frankly I'm not gonna make one for a guy that seems like he signed up here just to ask for votes
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scroll through the comments until you get to Bob Bob (which would be me)

thanks op, i voted for Claudiu Erdei
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So what you're saying is that you've just been hanging around and watching when you could have joined years ago and contributed to the community but instead you didn't join and just watched and now you want us to vote for you? That's like the guy that just sits and watches the other workers at work while they work but doesn't work himself asking for them to vote him for employee of the month.
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