Recently I slapped on some .12-.60 strings on my pacifica just to try it out and I love it. It's tuned to Eb. I feel like my guitar sounds better and feels better to play. It actually seems easier for me to play.
What do you guys think about heavy strings? Do you think they have any advantages over light strings?

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There's personal preference, but the main reason I shoot for heavier gauge is for better tension on down tuned stuff.
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There's personal preference, but the main reason I shoot for heavier gauge is for better tension on down tuned stuff.

Agree, other than alternate tuning, purely preference.
There's pros and cons with either direction. I've been pretty much all across the board and on my Telecasters I've settled quite happily on 11-49. In principle I like it heavier but I didn't have the practice time to build up the finger strength for 12-54 and it started taking its toll on my joints.
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I use 13-56 on acoustics and my bari, and 10-46 on the other electrics, but I have tried 13-56 some of the electrics. I haven't found much difference in their amplified performance of different string gauges, except that the semihollow 335 knockoff may have been choked and lost sustain with the heavier strings. I've found more obvious differences due to winding alloys. I have never liked pure nickel, and my standard has been nickel-plated steel. I recently tried the Ernie Ball Cobalts, and really like them, very bright and aggressive. I plan on trying the M-Steels next time.

Heavier strings are easier to manage if you play slide, which is all I do on electrics, but I have developed a light touch to suit the light strings.
Big strings sound cool but put a lot of stress on the tuning gears. I had several (poorly designed) gears break when i put super heavy gauge strings on my epiphone. Those epiphone tuners didnt have a bushing to bear against and bent over in their oversized holes. Then when i turned them the gear pushed the back covers off the headstock ripping the screws out and everything.
its preference. period.

personally i run 11's on everything in standard. 12's on anything drop tuned. (C#std) if i am going to drop b, i use a heavier sixth string.
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^ yeah. heavy strings are an advantage if you either tune down a good bit, or if you just like them. if you prefer lighter strings and usually tune to E they have pretty much no advantages.
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I normamlly run .010 and .009 on a guitar or two, .011 if I am tuning down though C# is about as low as I go and typically 1/2 to 1 step down from 440, I'd use heavier if i were tuning down more.

I like to get finger shaking vibrato even with 3 finger power chords which I find to be more difficult with heavy strings.
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I use 52-10 for dropC and i like it. I like being able to bend a lot, and i play with a pretty light touch, so its fine for me. For standard i guess id use 9-42 or 46. I even use .10s on my acoustic.
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