So I'm looking in to getting myself a new amp after Christmas, as I would like to upgrade from the Line 6 Spider IV 30 I got second hand from a pawn shop. I’m just a bedroom player so I’m not looking for anything huge. I guess I want something kind of in the middle, as I am hoping to start entering local competitions, even if I can’t play a mind blowing first place worthy song, I think it would be really fun to go up on a stage and cover a favorite song.

So, the Spider V looks pretty cool, with all the different effects and things you can do from your phone, but it seems that the Katana can also do this type of thing. I’d really like a lot of cool tones and effects, but I guess in the end I’m looking for a good sounding amp. They both seem to be nice affordable options, but I don’t really know enough to make a confident decision that when I get one I won’t think “maybe the other one would’ve been a better choice”.

So I'd like to keep my budget under $400(CAD), but I'm open to suggestions if there are better options a little over 400. I need to start saving up for a car lol. Personally I’m leaning towards the Katana, but would like to hear opinions from more knowledgeable sources, especially someone who has used both of these amps. Thanks

Edit: Thought I should include I mostly play hard rock and metal
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Boss>line 6 IMO

But I haven't tested either.
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You won't find much love for the Spider on this forum, or most others online. I don't have any experience with the Boss, so I can't really weigh in there... but I'd imagine for $400 you could do a lot better than either.
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