Hi. It has been a while since I done any recording. Programs have cone and gone since. I just want to know what everyone else uses. Is there programs that are better than others?
Will Lane I'm only recording vocals. Working on a collab. I haven't done one for about 5 years. I was using Adobe Audition. So because I haven't used any new programs I just want to know what's out there.
If you are just recording vocals, you can get by with Audacity. Reaper is the next up, $60 but it has a lot of functionality- functionality I do not think you will need if you are just recording voice, but it is there. The most you really "need" for vocals is EQ and if you are mastering your recording, compression, delay, and verb (which Audacity has, can also use other VST's).
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OP, lots of options on recording software nowadays. Adobe Audition is still out there so you can continue with that if you can live with Adobe's ridiculous monthly "pay as you go scheme". In other words - they'll lease the software to you, not purchase.

Easy solutions that don't break the band - Mixcraft, Reaper and N-Track. There are also cut-down versions of some of the big programs that are affordable, like Studio One Artist, Cubase LE, etc.

See what the other side uses and if possible match that - it is probably easiest for all involved.

I did collab with my old guitarist via Mixcraft, it was simple enough for him, who is not very well versed in recording, to work on. Then I just exported in other programs (Sonar, Studio One) his submissions at the final stage for mixing. So we tracked the song in Mixcraft, mixed it out on another program.