Was gonna buy an Epiphone ej 200ce, but visited a guitar shop today, and changed my opinion. Tried some guitars, and the choise is now between four Takamine guitars:

-Takamine GD20CE

-Takamine GN20CE

-Takamine GD51CE

-Takamine GN51CE

The GD models are dreadnouhg and GN are nex guitars (downscaled jumbo). 20 is cedar and 51 is spruse

I was told the dreadnoughts have better acoustic sound, while the nex would be better for playing with an amp because of less feedback. I didn't notice a big difference in sound except for a bit less sound from the nex guitar, but i liked all of them. Are there any pros/cons with some of these guitars compared to the others? I am aware that spruse will give you a bit brighter sound than cedar. Is this significant?

Sorry for the stupid questions, but i dont know alot about acoustics