Hi, guys!
So I'm new at playing the electric guitar. I've had two amps given to me, a portable Fender and a full-size Park G25R. The Fender amp works well enough, despite a bit of buzzing, so I've been using that. The Park, however, goes ballistic when I switch it to overdrive. I get a booming static noise even at minimum volume; I'm basically scared to turn the thing on.
Is this a dust/dirt problem? Does it have anything to do with its age (it's kinda old)? Or should I just replace it altogether?
Thanks very much.
Park isn't worth much so I'd just replace it with something better. it's a solid state amp so it could be any number of things. if the amp works fine on the clean channel then it's not the imput jack which was my first thought.
You rolled back the overdrive knob and overdrive volume, right?

Maybe try some contact cleaner on that Channel Select switch, and on the knobs. I get mine from Radio Shack

I turned all volume knobs down. I listened to it through a pair of headphones, and though I hear a difference, it's still pretty loud either way.
Thank you both for your help. I'm going to look into replacing it if it's not that great of an amp anyway, but until then, it's back to the Fender for me :P