These drugs don’t come cheap
I tried to warn you
I tried

take it slow

Verse 1:

This glass is our night sky, no ground tonight
another revision of lost dream
four girls in our house tonight, to drown is fine
but baby this life is too obscene

Bridge 1:

Forward, my love
Don’t run. This is my vision.


Looming towers, looming towers.

Bridge 2:

This is the initiation
In the quiet of nights.

Verse 2:

No one around us
nothing to seek
I admit, nothing is ever going to change in this *****
don’t resist
I aint even done taming your lips
pardon me
going down is still part of this trip, now
going down in this dream now
swallowing my codiene from a body that is still lean, now
Can’t feel my face - no demons there
Blow in this place - we found them here