After been told off about resurrecting old threads i have made another. Just wanted to know if this book is ok for beginners or maybe too hard, I am wanting to learn lead guitar and if this book is too hard can you guys recommend one.

Thanks In Advance
It's just a collection of little licks and chord progressions, so it's really only as hard as you want to make it. You might not be able to move on every week, though, if you're not already familiar with the techniques used.
Thanks for the reply, really all i wanted to know is it easy to understand, i want to knuckle down and don't have a set time to learn anything, obviously there will be things i can't do but will it also help a beginner to progress. I basically know a few chords and can do the odd scale.


Yeah it's easy to understand. It's been a while since I looked at it, but it's essentially just a bunch of exercises organized by day of the week that get progressively harder.
I worked through a bit of it earlier this year, and I think it's pretty solid. As the others have said, it's just a collection of licks and chord progressions that get a tad harder each week.
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