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Just wanted to know your opinion. Is there any difference between having guitar on right or left leg? Just because, 95% of shredders i have seen have their guitar on left leg, i know just one shredder, who has his guitar on right leg and that's Guthrie Govan, and to be honest, he doesnt shred all the time. And this leads me to this question. Does it have any reason ? Or is it like impossible to play Rusty Cooley's or Jason Richardson's stuff on right leg?
Try it yourself and see if you feel a difference. I keep the guitar on my left leg - gives me more left hand flexibility. A lot of people feel like the left leg position (known as the "classical position") feels more relaxed and I agree with that. It makes long stretches easier on the fretting hand, and positions my picking hand more naturally.

But neither is the correct way, see which one you like more. It shouldn't be impossible to shred on the right leg.
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The left leg is the one used by classical guitarists and IMO ergonomically superior, because the guitar is supported by your legs with the neck at a comfortable angle. The right leg position looks cooler, and is the position I mostly use, bu I can't see any way in which it is functionally as good as the left leg position. Some latin and flamenco players used crossed legs, and it seems to work well for them.

I reckon for shredding the classical position would likely be the best in theory, but you can get used to just about anything.
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I use the left leg guitar position, it to me seems like the best position. It's very comfortable, puts the guitar at the proper angle , and is the position used by classical guitarists. When i've tried it on the right leg it just feels off. I use a foot stool also.

What genre(s) do you play?

I always play seated, and at gigs I would sometimes start off playing slide in the classical position and move to right knee as I warmed up. This avoided cramping up; slippery butt-heavy resos are a bit unruly in the right-knee position.
I use either but find that upper fret access is more comfortable with the left leg.
I use my left leg (classical style) because if I don't have a strap on the guitar at the time it will fall over and my headstock will probably break off. That applies mostly to Les Pauls though. lol
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i like the right leg
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I'm by no means a shredder, but I keep my guitar on my right leg, because it just feels weird/uncomfortable for me to play with my guitar on my left leg
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I use either but find that upper fret access is more comfortable with the left leg.

^^ This exactly for me. On 4 hr gigs I move the guitar around a lot depending on the song and left hand requirements.
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