Is this true or what because I don't see the "suggest correction" button on tabs that I've uploaded.
You don't need to suggest a correction to yourself, you can edit your own tab from your "My Contributions" page if you need to correct something.
This has to be the most confounded website. Because it wasn't obvious how to edit my own stuff, I just unregistered from my tabs and now I don't have a Tab Pro subscription or the ability to view any of my other contributions.
I don't know how you couldn't see how to edit your own tabs, as That_Ship says you can edit them from the "My Contributions" page, or if you just go to any one of your tabs the edit button is there quite clearly at the top right of the page.
If you want to get back the tabs you have unregistered from, you can go to the UG Authors Community and ask. You could probably use this thread, the title of it doesn't fit your situation, but its function is what you want to get your tabs back.