'Past has Passed' (2016) - new album, free digital copies giveaway (a mix of prog instrumental, ambient and soundtrack music)

Hello UG forum,

I would like to bring to the attention of anyone interested that I'm giving away free digital copies of my new album entitled 'Past has Passed' until the beginning of next year.

The album was completed a few days ago and in it contains a mix of 15 progressive instrumental, ambient and soundtrack tracks inspired by things such as the weather/nature/animals and various states of mind.

Here are the track listings:

1. Cycle (03:46)
2. Adrunodun (07:11)
3. Zen Sickness (04:34)
4. Heart Dimension (04:20)
5. The Fox and the Soul of the Night (04:46)
6. The Creatures of Earth (05:47)
7. Spiritual Peak (05:53)
8. Flaws (07:36)
9. Getting Closer to Home (08:48)
10. Sea a Dream (06:48)
11. And Now it Becomes Ballad [ft. Ronny Heimdal] (06:48)
12. Almost Real (05:36)
13. Sublime Slime Time (09:15)
14. Winter (10:21)
15. Past has Passed (16:42)

Total run time (1:07:55)

And here are a few tracks from the album for tasters:

'Sublime Slime Time' :

'And Now it Becomes Ballad (ft. Ronny Heimdal)' :

'Flaws' :

If you like what you hear and would like a digital copy of the album just e-mail me at: steve_hart_music@outlook.com
...and I'll send you over a copy