looking for a new amp to play some 60's rock stuff. grateful dead/ allman brothers/ pink floyd/ phish type stuff. Dont need more then 50 watts and would want a tube amp but doesnt have to be. needs to be below 400 dollars so if you guys could work some magic and find stuff great for that. thanks guys and rock on
used Peavey Valveking would do the trick. it has a really good clean channel and the dirt channel can handle what you mentioned for the most part. throw a big muff in front for PF stuff and an overdrive for the rest and you should be good to go.
Look up Tech21 Trademark TM60 on solid state side.

Traynor YCV40 or YCV50B if you can find at that price used, Laney LC30 or LC50 used again if you can secure at that price.
Peavey Classic 30 or Classic 50 is another great contender, again used.
These might be in your budget:

Peavey Delta Blues 115
Carvin Belair or Nomad
Fender HRD
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What volume are you looking to play and do you want any power tube distortion?
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