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I'm trying to find a rotary switch that I can replace my volume potentiometers with. I do a lot of sweep picking, and have big hands. So my right hand has a habit of turning the volume down on my up strokes. I don't use the volume knobs. It's either full-blast, or off. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a rotary style on-off switch I could replace my potentiometers with. Essentially, I want to keep my guitar looking the same as it is (I want to keep the knobs I have), but I want to get rid of the volume control. I'm running EMG pickups, in case it makes a difference in wiring. Thanks!

As you can see in the attachment, the volume knob for the bridge pickup is right smack dab in the way:
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How about just bypassing the volume knobs altogether but leave them installed. Replace the tone pot with a push/pull pot setup as a kill switch. Pull up the Tone knob and it kills the signal.
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I found some pots in an old stereo that click instead of glide back-and-around. They are 100k or they would be perfect.
Take off the knob.Take a piece of foam from a pickup box or wherever.
Place the knob on the foam.Cut the foam round in the shape of the knob.Tidy it up abit.Put a small hole in the middle of your circular foam so it's like a doughnut.Put the foam doughnut on the pot and put the knob back on.
You can still use your volume if you need but it won't turn when you knock it.