Hi Guys
In the process of buying another guitar tuner as the one i have is pretty crappy, i was thinking of a Korg TM50-C. It has a built in metronome for those of you that didn't know. Seen one under £20 on Amazon and just wanted to know if they were a good buy. I have a metronome already but it's one of the old wind-up ones from the late 60s. Just wanted some thoughts on it before i rush in and buy something that's poor.

Thanks In Advance
There are tons out there.

But you can find free tuner and metronome apps for your smartphone. Dozens of choices.
So many free or cheap apps for these functions now.

On Android I like Pro Metronome, mobile metronome, and DaTuner.
Thanks for the replies, i don't have a mobile and where i practice is nowhere near the PC so for me it's easier to buy something that i can use anywhere hence me looking for something that's half decent. My last tuner was totally useless, it was a clip on one and constantly flickered and shown different tunings, i thought with Korg being an established brand i might be better getting one that had both tuner and metronome. For some reason it never entered my head that people would use free apps for such things, it shows how out of touch i am with things lol.

Thanks again
i primarily use my phone.

Korg stuff is ususally decent, so i wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks for that trashedlostdup appreciate you help, just ordered it after your reply, if it's junk i know who to blame (just kidding)

Thanks again