I am thinking about experimenting with a solid state power amp as comparison. Right now I have a Sansamp PSA-1 preamp and Boss GT-10 floor multifx processor that provides control for channel switching and effects in 4 cable mode. The PSA-1 is rack mounted as is the power amp, Peavey Classic 50/50 tube power amp which is a hog to carry. It sounds fantastic but I am thinking about experimenting with a lighter solid state solution.
I did try some power amps back in the day and wasn't impressed, from what I remember Alesis and Peavey solid state power amps, don't remember the models but they didn't sound very good going through this setup.

So any suggestion for lightweight power amp that might be worth trying?

I am running a 140 watt cab and I think I'd probably need at least 100 watt solid state power if not a bit more.
The only thing out there right now I can find is the ISP Stealth 180 watt, Rocktron Mainline 300 watt (this power rating sounds good), Samson Servo 120a which seems a bit puny. I was kinda hoping for one of these little high powered amps that bassists seem to be getting these days, but the closest I can find is the ISP stealth which could be rackmounted or even stuck on a pedalboard. The price is also not bad and it weighs 5lbs as opposed to the 50lbs I'd have to carry now

I am thinking that with some editing I can either create a portable rig that will do the small shows or if it is good enough might even do the big shows with that. It will all be an experiment that will most likely take me back to my Peavey tube power amp again, but why not play around a bit if I can be gentle to my back

I'd rather keep the rest of the chain the same, even though I might do a super portable rig based on a H&K Tubeman floor preamp that I have and a few effects, at which point the ISP Stealth can even be on the pedalboard. Now that'd be a dream

slightly off topic, but neodymium speakers can shave off quite a few pounds. that won't make your rack lighter though. lol.
The 2x12 is light enough, but the guys I started playing with want the stack look, so maybe I'll just let them lug it around as my back can't handle it anymore.
In a way I understand as we've already got a gig for national headlines and we need to look the business...
Maybe some Marshall cardboard blanks are in order, I'll need 4
I always think of Carvin for solid state power amps. Never used them but dspellman will have more info.
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The 1500W Carvin power amps I have are about 9 lbs each. The TS-100 tube power amp from them is about 25 pounds, and the 2:90 tube amp I have weighs something like 65 lbs. The under-500W power amps are (IMHO) a waste of time, and priced pretty high for what you get. Ignore anything that says "Voiced for guitar," etc.