around 4 mins 3 seconds. Particularly the one to the left of the wah in the video.
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tough to tell. the pedal looks like either a Way Huge pedal of some sort or a T-Rex made pedal. I'm guessing an overdrive of some sort. sounds like they are using a phaser in there as well.

pedals shown at 4:03 mark is anyone want to guess
monwobobbo hey thanks for taking a stab. The pedal to the left of the wah is for sure the same layout as a way huge. It does sound like a phaser but I cant seem to find a way huge with that color scheme. It sounds like a ringworm by way huge with the right settings but yeah totally different colors.
I IDed the Way Huge Swollen Pickle in your other thread. I just figured out the one next to it is a Fulltone Fat Boost FB-3.
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dannyalcatraz yeah i got that one thanks for the pickle spotting lol. Really trying to figure out that effect he seems to have on top of the wah and fuzz cant pin it down. Sometimes it sounds like a ring mod or a vibe pedal. I dont think we can get any further since we know all 4 that we can see, pickle, tuner, wah, fat boost. The fifth pedal is off screen damn.
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dannyalcatraz think i got it its a deja vibe. the big knob on the corner matches.
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The one to the left (stage left) of the wah, I have a Way Huge Swollen Pickle and the knob layout matches it exactly.
And right after he appears to activate it, his sound does get fuzzy.
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