Alright guys so I just sold my LTD EC-330 and bought myself an Ibanez RGIR20FE.My guitar tone is made with POD Farm through my line 6 Ux1 interface.
I managed to get a pretty solid tone with my LTD but when I switched to my Ibanez everything changed. My tone has too much distorsion, figured that out because the Ibanez is equipped with EMG's so I reduced the distorsion from the amp. The problem is that she needs more crunch and more mids because when I'm putting my tracks over a song they don't cut through at all. I have my mids set on the amp at 85% and still they aren't enough.The Ibanez has more dynamics yet it has a lower volume than my previous LTD. These are my current eq settings: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/760x475q90/923/ZBSX9I.png . what can I add or scoop to make it a little better ? I don't really have any skill of mixing whatsoever so I need some help please. this is what it sounds like now : https://soundcloud.com/tuca-madalin/new-guitar-test very shitty
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