About to freak out. Been soldering for hours.

I have an 89 in the neck and regular 81 in the bridge. I want the push pull to be master volume, and one master tone. I have everything setup EXACTLY like this diagram and I am getting no sound. I have a Jackson 3 way switch, 8 in line. 2 &3 are connected for the neck (89), 4&5 go to the push pull middle pole, 6&7 white wire from the bridge. What am I missing?

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who drew this? (comon , dont be shy - smaug voice)

you grounded both of your pickups
this makes me no sense :
1. why did you solder a cable from bridge directly to tone casing and then wire the hot wire to switch ? that pickup is grounded
1.2. while at the tone pot .. wiring the grounds from volume pot to tone pot is also a thing and u shoud do it.
2. this are not the color codes for the neck pickup (gren blue,orange,yellow?? )
3 whats that aditional wire doing on volume pot ? looks like grounding from push pull to terminal of volume ?

go check emg coloring codes (no i wont link them to you), check out duncan wiring diagrams and how to cilsplit , apply learned
gud luck