Hey, thanks for the crit!

The intro guitar tone is a bit too thin and trebly for my liking. Not a big fan of the drums either, they sound a bit fake and messy.
I like the tone of your voice, but I think the mixing of it is a bit too dry. Maybe a tad reverb would help.
The melody at 0:57 is too loud, so it crashes a bit with the vocals. The change at 1:44 was a bit a abrupt, but I like that part of the song
Cool guitar solo, didn't except that in this type of song. But still, not a big fan of your guitar tone.
Haha, that is one trebly guitar intro! Then this big ol' bass comes in! A little off putting but a sort of interesting fake out. The vocals are a bit close and I'd agree with Pizzafan that the drums could use some bass or something. The bass is sweat, the guitars get buried under the synths a bit but it's an interesting instrumental. The solo is good, those classic hammer on licks. I feel there is something interesting here with all the clashing styles and ideas but some bits, like the drums, could use some tweaking. Also the hi-hat sound was odd. The vocals worked but they could use some effects.
Thanks for all the crits!

I'll work on the treble of the beginning. I actually had it sort of bassier, but the issue with that, I thought, was that you couldn't hear that the chord changed at all cuz I'm only really changing one note around.

As for the drums, those are a work in progress. I'm not a drummer by trade and I just got my electronic kit so I'll try to work on dynamics.

The volume of the chorus is a bit of an issue cuz, as we all know, the banjo and the guitar occupy the same frequency level so it's just this vicious cycle of making things louder. If anyone had any ideas there, I'd really appreciate that.

I'll see if I can't splash some reverb on the vocals. I'm not a singer by trade either, and my mic is sort of crappy, so I'm a little wary about screwing them up, but I'll work on it.

Thanks everyone!
Hey. It's pretty nice overall, but I do agree with the points raised here before. The mix is rather rough on the ears, and I feel like the guitar tones could have some fine-tuning, as they're quite flat-sounding as it currently is. The dynamics, throughout the song and between the different instruments, are too compressed, and there is some note clashing in the chorus which I'm not sure is intentional.

But it has a good basis. It just needs the sounds to be sorted-out better.

On a side note, the vocalist reminds me of Steven Wilson quite a lot! I wonder if you guys are familiar with his work?

Here's an example:

That dude is the master of mixing, by the way.
This is all just me right now, cuz my band is lazy so I just recorded all the parts myself, lul.

Nah, I've actually never heard of him. That sounds great tho!. And yea, I guess I do kinda sound like him. It's got a Mathew Bellamy feel to it, only no falsetto. Yea tuning is a bit of an issue actually cuz all of my instruments need some real cleaning up (they're at least 7 years old) and don't hold tune for much longer than 5 minutes, lol.

The note crashing in the chorus is actually intentional, theres a banjo in there, but the issue is that the guitar occupies the same frequency so its kinda hard to distinguish the two, I already panned and eqed but because they only change one note, it ends up sounding like one screwed up.

Thanks for the review tho, and I'll take a look at Steven Wilson, I like his style.
Thanks for the C on my song. Overall I like what you are doing with this song. I like your voice. I agree that the drums seem too canned and the tempo seems too fast until the change at 2:38. I like the melody. I personally like the beginning. Other than the drum track I think you got a winner here.
dabdabtheduck Oh, it's all you? That's commendable, though I wonder how much input the rest of the band had given, then.

I still think it would be better off without that one sour note in the chorus. It definitely sounds too harsh when the frequency range is rather crammed-together.

And regarding Steven Wilson, I think he's absolutely incredible. The above song is from his now-on-"hiatus" (for several years already) band Porcupine Tree, which explored quite a few styles throughout its years: the first albums from the early 90s were more psychedelic-prog; it then went into a more alternative sound in the late 90s (with the occasional pop-rock, even); and in the early 2000s, it changed its sound to a more prog-metal one. Their very last album had quite the industrial-metal influences. The band was mainly Wilson's effort anyway, but he now mostly works on his solo albums, which are sometimes similar to his Porcupine Tree output, but also explore avant-garde and jazz-fusion more prominently.

Anyway, here are some more varied examples of his work:

And a couple from his solo work:

Don't want to make your thread go off-topic, but as you were already showing interest...
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Starting with instruments (per request):
Guitar, drums, bass (maybe synth bass), accordion (also maybe synth?), banjo, some other synth (just an electric piano/organ sound)...I think that's it, how'd I do?

Ok, 2nd listen:
Clean guitar and intro is cool - I like the brightness of the guitar but feel it could use some more mids. Distorted guitar sounds better. Overall progression is cool and chorus (parts with banjo) is great. Vocals are solid, no complaints on melody or performance but if you wanted to spend more time on it a few more takes or doubling on your chorus vox might make it even better. Guitar solo is cool and fits well.

Overall, I like the songwriting and think you have something catchy (I sincerely enjoyed the chorus). I think it's fine where it is but also think you could take it from good to great by spending some more time on it!

Nice track, rock on.
elementwood89 Pretty good job! I just wanted to make sure all of the instruments were audible cuz some people were saying that the banjo was drowned out.

Thanks for the review! I'll work on the mids of the guitar, it is kinda trebly now that I listen to it.
TLGuitar His works sounds really good, actually. I could Spotify this, lol. It's sort of unusual but still fits conventions if you know what I mean. And I do like his voice. Thanks!
There's ideas and it has potential but Imo the over all mix and tone of all the instruments is off putting. There is some cool riffs throughout I like your voice..unfortunately it's hard to really get into a song when there is a lack of song quality. Keep it up you have talent. Thanks for the crit on my song man
Pretty fine job. But the bass seems a bit too loud in comparison to the guitar. And a bit more double tracking for the vocals would maybe give it that cutting knife edge sort of feel.
But tbh on second thought it also gives it a bit of a garage feeling. Pretty well thought of and executed overall.