I'm in the jazz ensemble for my college in the spring semester. I just felt like I should buy a guitar that suits jazz more. I got a couple of nice axes but none that are really good for jazz. Initially I took a look at an epiphone 335 and the sheraton ii pro which are pretty nice. What are some other guitars though? My budget would be around 600 but if I can get a good one for ever lower that'd be great. At the same time I don't mind pushing the budget a bit
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Epiphone & Ibanez make decent semihollows in that price range.

A used Godin 5th Avenue would be a good option.

A used Reverend PA-1 would be another.
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Do you want a hollowbody electric or a semi-hollowbody? For a hollowbody; look at Ibanez.
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I'm learning jazz atm and i play on a Sheraton ii with '59's and an SG.Both sound great through a decent amp.I use a Princeton.