This song is one of my new favorites of yours. The sonic quality of all the instruments and vocals really brings it to life and gives it it's soul. I like your style.
right off the bat I'm liking intro very unique and has a good feel when it takes off. the vocals very interesting as well and fits the music perfectly its not my type of music by any means it has some rough edges here and there but overall really cool song man you have put out some good music you have originality and ths very important in any genre in my opinion ...check out my new song illusion? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1715360
Interesting song - seeing as there is no right or wrong i'm just going to list a couple of things that i'd have done if mixing the material.

Cut through Kick - drums could use a bit more 'life' in general but I think the song would benefit from a more punchy kick.

I think the vocals could actually sit in the mix a little more. They are given presence to come across which is good but also sound a bit layered over the top to my taste.
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Thank you for listening and replying, I appreciate it! I used the following synth plug-ins for "The Better Goal": u-he Zebra, xils lab XILS 3, Arturia Minimoog-V, and Synapse Dune. I just reviewed a lungfruit song, and a 3 year old USCENDONE BENE video cover tune.
Great work as usual Aaron, the synths are dark and ominious but naturally become a very danceable bass line. Vocals fit very well, quite Bowie-eque. What plugins do you use for them? I love how the outro is done, the staccato synths really tie it all together. Overall production is really good, my only complaint would be that I wish the song explored a few other sections but that's just my personal preference.
You can reivew my new music here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1715522
Thank you for listening and responding, I appreciate it! I used the following synth plug-ins for "The Better Goal": u-he Zebra, xils lab XILS 3, Arturia Minimoog-V, and Synapse Dune. I will now seek out your new music.
Hhhhm, pretty cool. The panning is nice and it sounds like the keyboards are out to get me. The vocals where like "um...what" but the guitar entry was cool. I feel the vocals are the weakest part, they sound strange in the mix, I mean it makes sense in a song like this it was just rather jarring at first. From there it's a good listen, I especially like the bass.

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Intro was great, like how the synths swell and the big drum fill. Listening on headphones (can't hear stereo, deaf in one ear) and mix sounds fine - no critiques there. The bass at the end stands out for me, cool tone and line. I think the song writing and mix are good where they're at. The only thing I would maybe work on is the lyrics (the line feeling really small like a mouse felt kind of cheesy but made me smile).
I think you have a good sense of composition, and you know how to use keyboards (retro with a new twist). I keep thinking that you're adding too many effects to the vocals, and the vocals are a touch low (could be my speakers), as I can't make out what you're saying. If you compare this to the song Not an Escape, the latter has louder vocals and comes through the mix more.
Hey Aaron!

Weird says it best to describe your song but overall it is very well written. Great instrumentation topped with a voice that suits the style of song perfect.
Your keyboard work is really creative and the bass playing is great. Keep up the good work!

If you have a minute of you time please review my song:
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Thanks for checking out my track. The better goal is one of your better songs, the intro is my favorite part. Everything is mixed pretty well and comes in clear, I am listening to this on headphones. The lyrics are kind of interesting actually, not a big fan of your vocal style but you know subjective is subjective, I think you could try to work on it by adding more depth and rhythmic interest to your vocals.
Thanks for checking out my track earlier. Really like the vibe on this one. Love that synth tone. I could agree with others that the vocals are a tad low but overall great track.
aaron aardvark

Long time, no C4C! I think this is one of your best pieces so far. The synths sound very good but I think the guitars lack a bit of punch or aren't quite loud enough. I think the vocals are very suited to this style actually and for some reason, this reminds of the Crash Bandicoot soundtracks if they were mostly electronic instruments. The vocals and synths probably overpower the other instruments actually so perhaps bring those both down a tad. The synths at the end sound pretty damn fat at the end --- and I mean that in a good way. Would appreciate some C4C action down this way:

Hey dude, thanks for the feedback!

This one is my favorite from you so far! Great sounding synths and the groove is great! The mix is also very good, only the guitars seem to lack some punch. Funny that Hayden mentioned Crash Bandicoot, I also began thinking about that....good job!