Hello, i have an very old acoustic guitar thats laying around for years. This guitar has the best sound of all my guitars. Its old, it needs restoration, factory is unknown. I need to replace the tuners... Plese see images, click on them.

My questions are:
- what type of guitar is this and what for are people using it?
- how to restore cracked paint, lacque...?
- back has no paint at all, what to do there?

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Commonly referred to as an archtop. Is that a flat back, it's usually arched as well. I'm surprised it's not got a bolt on neck. Look in the top holes with a light for a serial # should be stamped in the inner back though that back may have been replaced, does it have no finish on it at all? If not I would stain and finish it at least.
Those tuners should identify the guitar.
About the cracks in the finish that's a very touchy matter as adding any more finish could alter the tone, volume and sustain. Nothing wrong with keeping the guitar's "character" intact, just polish her up.