Hi, I got a new guitar but when the low E and A strings are plucked, the strings rattle like this , A string only rattles when plucked quite hard but E string rattles easily especially with first few frets. I've tried loosening the truss rod but that has not done anything so what could be causing it?
I'm no expert, but my ibanez took a few days to settle after I loosened the truss rod.

Have you took measurements, whats the height of the strings at the 12th fret? I aim for 1-5 - 2mm on the e string.

Worn frets have caused buzzing for me in the past too.
I can hear that you're plucking the strings too hard and forcing them out of tune. A well cut nut is one that facilitates a low action as possible without buzzing if not plucked too hard.

You've mentioned that you've loosened the truss rod, but have you actually measured the neck relief with a feeler gauge? Take the guesswork out of what you're adjusting and buy some feeler gauges. They're cheap.

If you have, the next thing to do is determine if there are any high frets in that area.
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