I have this Yamaha desktop amp, and I really like it. But it fell of the desk and landed top-side down, and now the silver on/off toggle switch does not work. I'm guessing that if I replace this it'll work again, but for now it's a $200 paperweight. I have re-wired a guitar successfully, so I think I should be able to replace this switch successfully, but I've only re-wired a guitar once and so I still feel like a noob at this stuff, not sure of correct terminology for this type of switch, where I should look for replacement one of these... Basically, any advice on how to fix or replace this switch would be great.

I'm going to try to embed or attach two pics with the switch circled in red so there is no confusion what I'm referring to. (The pics are of a THR5, but it is identical in all respects that matter for this repair).


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-MintSauce-The switch is kind of stuck, so I'm sure it's broken. I cannot be sure it is the ONLY thing broken, but I'd like to fix it to find out.

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The first thing I'd do is find schematics for the Yamaha amp you own.. if you think you are confident in your soldering skills, take a lot of pictures, and label everything you take off (there are lots of locking hex nut and screws need to be removed in order to access the broken piece.. the correct switch to replace.. discharge all static charge from your body before start tampering with the amp..

Good luck and hope everything is well after.

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