for the new e-guitar players, i hv heard that so many ppl suggest to buy bullet Strat or 150 170, but why not to buy Höfner colorama

like what i wrote in title, when a new e-guitar player wants to buy a new e-guitar, i saw so many pros say, that its better to buy Fender Squier Bullet Strat or Ibanez150 or 170,but rarely to see who suggests to buy Höfner colorama? i think this guitar is also so cheap and wonderful, cant say perfect but also enough for new players, any pros here who would like to tell me why this guitar is hardly to be mentioned..?
It's simply a "footnote" guitar for the most part; a cheap guitar put out by a company known mostly for other things.
paruwi wow, thanks a lot, i have almost gave up,dont think anyone would reply me. Today i have checked again, heard that this guitar is not produced anymore, thats why nobody mention dat any more xDD
dspellmanyeah! you are right, have checked again, this is famouse on Bass and Violin, but not on Guitar.

ok, finally, this question is finished, thanks a lot.
Quote by Gurkenderbiker
paruwi wow, thanks a lot, i have almost gave up,dont think anyone would reply me. Today i have checked again, heard that this guitar is not produced anymore, thats why nobody mention dat any more xDD

The Colorama is an old Hofner model name that has been applied to a number of guitars over the years, beginning in the early '60's. The Colorama 2 is a newer version from THIS century, but just didn't sell very well.
Most people are not going to recommend and obscure guitar to a new player but something that has been tried and tested like the Squire or Yamaha Pacifica.
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don't know who is recommending Squier Bullets but it certainly isn't on this board. Affinity's aren't bad but if you can spend a little more then some of the higher end Squier stuff would be a lot better
Paruwi hit the nail on the head - It's nothing to do with quality or value for money, people just haven't heard of it.

Squiers are frequently recommended to beginners simply because they make affordable guitars which are decent enough for learning on, and closely resemble the guitars used by lots of famous players that most beginners want to try to emulate when they first start playing. I have actually had people ask me "who plays one of those?" when I recommend a guitar and then dismiss the recommendation on account of the fact that I didn't list anyone they liked/had heard of, because they only thing they really cared about was "what guitar does play?".

People on the internet bash the cheaper squiers like the bullets, but as a cheap first guitar for a total beginner who may not be sure if they want to commit to the instrument in the long term, they serve their purpose pretty well - if they are set up competently (which they rarely are from the factory unfortunately) they can play nicely enough that they won't hold anyone back, and while they may not sound great, a beginner isn't going to sound any better playing a top of the line strat anyway. To buy one brand new, however, is somewhat foolish imo - there are loads of barely played used ones that were bought for or by people who lost interest as soon as they realised they had to actually put some work into it, being sold for some 40-50% below retail price, so if you buy one of those, you don't lose so much money if you also buy for a quitter or decide to be a quitter and end up wanting to sell the guitar
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thank you for ur suggestion, but its too late and i have already booked on in Thomann lmao.
And thanks again for the suggestion, btw would u like to tell me the version or sth of ur suggested Guitar?
have some interest on that.
yeah, i also can see many Posts from facebook that they or their children bought a guitar and gave it up and then sell their guitars. Nothing abt judge, just a kinda try for them. you know me? at the beginning i also didnt know if i can insist on playting this, so i just bought a pack ,incl. guitar and amp with 99 euro and used almost 4 years, the sound of that is really not a good memory hahahh