Love your bass and rhythm guitar tone id love to get my hands on that and try it on for size. I think the rhythm guitar could be turned up in the mix and given a little more presence when there is no lead guitar being played over it. You kind of have this like old school in flames sound going on specially the rhythm at 1:40. The solo fits in well nice playing kind of has a avenged sevenfold sound to it, Not really a fan of the tapping pattern used but that's just a personal opinion plenty of people will think it fucking rocks lol. Great job sounds great and you're already a soundcloud buddy of mine cool.
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: Hey where did you get my skull! I want my skull back! Everything sounds good! Some of the riffs really rock! Some good vocals wouldn't hurt, but otherwise it is very good!

Pretty cool. The tapping bit was an odd part but I like that sudden stop. The other tapping after that was cool. The riffs are cool, especially when they thrash along with the drums. Both guitars cover the sound nice, the drums could maybe use some more bass I feel. It's cool though, the rhythm guitars are a nice metallic blanket and it has a nice cool into the end. The first guitar sounded odd but it picked up. Neat!

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Wow! That woke my brain up this morning! Nice guitar work. I listened to the whole thing because it kept getting me hooked to hear what was next. Nice riffs. I liked the wind effect in the end. On my computers speakers the drums seemed a bit high in the mix like around :56. It happens elsewhere in the song where I find myself listening to the drums. Could be my speakers also. BTW are those drums programmed?

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If you like it will you tell you grandma to have a listen?
Omg, headbangers rule. Quick suggestion, at around 19 where it breaks, I'd make that entrance a little bit louder and quickly go back to the original dynamic, like a Slayer sort of thing, or a Five Finger Death Punch style entry with a fast fade in, sort of how you started the song. Lovely lead guitars, and neat dual bass drum. Then you go into this sort of Rammsteiny or I suppose Nine Inch Nails almost bass solo sort of thing. Which is cool too. I'd add more rides on the drums and less crashes. And maybe speed up the feel of the drums a little (like with more hat hits or something)

Check out my song? not Metal, but someone called it tech-rock, which I think is accurate. Out of curiosity, can you name all the instruments you hear in it if you do take a listen?

Hey buddy, as others have said you have some nice tones and a very modern In Flames inspired sound. I can't give you much critique on the overall mix as it sounds pretty good to me. Composition-wise, I might be able to give a few pointers:

1. Consider with your harmonies to diverge from the old diatonic thirds. Everyone does that and you have such a large palette to explore such as contrary, parallel, oblique, and of course diatonic, which can also be 4ths, 5ths, 7th, etc. You might want to consider experimenting with theses ideas.

2. Try continuing your soloing ideas into the next four bar phrase instead of starting a new idea on each of the four bars, it breaks the flow.

3. Vocals?

Overall, a pretty good piece, some nice shredding skills you have as well.

Would appreciate a C4C:


Cant fault any of the playing at all, in fact the drums and guitar are very good. Really liked the bit at about 1 min 35 where it completely changes and most things drop out, just did not expect that - really good idea. The guitar sound in the mix is really good. Mix is generally really good although I cant really pick out the bass guitar at all (apart from at the drop out), noting that drums and guitar are quite bassy.

Out of interest, are the drums recorded live, or produced via something like ezd2 ? They are fantastic if recorded live.


I only recently got ezd2. Its excellent, will be even better when I really work out how to use it !
Quote by john.hoos.3
I only recently got ezd2. Its excellent, will be even better when I really work out how to use it !
toontrack is do user friendly it's amazing how they can allow us to use such a powerful tool