Hey guys, hope your having an excellent day/evening. I also hope this is correctly posted in the right forum. I am looking at purchasing something to record music on my laptop with for covers, personal jams, etc. I am a gear noob, I just play mostly. I have a Randall RG75 G2 Series, a patch cord, and my guitar. But I am interested in starting to actually doing more with my stuff. I just basically jam my own little riffs and such by memory. I am also looking to find a way to play through headphones, either through my amp, or laptop. Being I live in a small apartment surrounded by people who complain if I play too loud. The thing is I have no idea where to start, what to look at, and where. I was suggested to just get an interface of some sort, and some headphones for my PC. If anyone can give me detailed suggestions or what I could do/need to get started, and what, it would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you !

What you want in that case is something like this:


That will let you plug your guitar into your computer.

As far as recording goes, have a look at Reaper which is free.

All you need to do then is find an amp sim that sounds good to you. There are loads so it really depends on what kind of thing you play.

Headphones it really depends on your budget. If all you want to do is hear yourself and jam then I would just get any over-ear headphones within your budget.

All in all you could do what you want to do for under $300. The biggest hitter is going to be the interface.

EDIT: And unless your amp has a dedicated headphone out, which I am pretty sure it doesn't, you won't be able to use your amp with headphones. If you do decide to record your amp you could buy a microphone and plug it into the interface, but some of the amp sims out there are pretty good so you may not want to. Unless you are playing live you might want to sell your amp if you find yourself not using it.
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I completely agree with the above recommendations:

1) audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett (Steinberg and Roland also make decent interfaces in that price range)
2) DAW ( i.e. recording software) : Reaper ( it's the best running software on PC ( out of all software, even Pro Tools) and it is the cheapest.
3) amp sim - Bias amp desktop or Bias FX- buy them on Sale- there are also plenty of freeware sims out there
4) reverb plugin : freeware : TAL Reverb - it's a great plate reverb if you set it right.

That will get you started. The learning curve for this stuff takes, but it's worth it.