Hi, i'm new in the forums and I need help to buy an amp. I have 500 dollars to buy an amp but I don't know which one should I buy.
My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and I actually own a marshall mini amp.
I would like an amp with a good distortion that doesn't leave the clean sound aside.
I like to play songs from Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Radiohead, Oasis, Coldplay and Muse.

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Jet City.
The new Katanas are pretty nice and cheap, lots of Boss effects to play with.

That or a cheap tube amp and some pedals.
Judging by your profile your from Peru, If so then your selection may not be the same as other regions, And yes I've read a lot of good reviews on the new Boss Katana, But I've also seen many outlets here in the US have them on backorder, So finding one in Peru may be a bit of a stretch, So it might be helpful if you let us know what you have in mind and what you have available,
nastytroll I searched in many stores for an amp and is difficult to find somethig that fits my expectations. I founded some Vox, Fender and Orange amps that are in my price range but I don't know which one suits more the kind of music I play.
I started playing guitar since this year and I don't know too much about amps so i'm having some trouble finding one.
Yea I feel your pain, First thing I always like to point out is Speakers are king. The bigger the better and the more the merrier, As I can fool just about any amp to sound like I want with a peddle or processor, within reason of course, But I cant make an 6 inch speaker sound like a 12, Or at least at any respectable volume, If just playing at bedroom level then its not as important, The three your looking at, Fenders are more known for a nice clean American tone . Vox a classic British tone and Orange an American high gain tone, All good amps but all different, As to the music you like I'd lean more to the Vox or Orange, but if you wanted to add a peddle to the mix I wouldn't throw the Fender under the bus either, As your kinda new to this, and on a budget don't try and mindfuck this thing to death, Your preference's will change over the years and what you may like or dislike now may not be the case down the road, Best to play as many as you can and develop your preference, What I like you may not, But then again when you get old like me chances are you'll have several amps and guitars,
+1 to used VOX AC's (AC15, AC30), Jet City models, and the Classic 30.
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Vox a classic British tone and Orange an American high gain tone...
Orange is British.
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+1 to used VOX AC's (AC15, AC30), Jet City models, and the Classic 30. Orange is British.

Yea I know, But they sure do try and copy a Mesa tone more than they do a Marshall or Vox
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Yea I know, But they sure do try and copy a Mesa tone more than they do a Marshall or Vox
I don't know about that either, friend. From what I understand, Orange is considered a high-gain "British" voicing, while Mesa is considered an "American" voicing (not necessarily always high-gain though). Typically, British voicings have a stronger midrange emphasis compared to American voicings which are more scooped. I think of Orange as a Marshall with more gain and milkshake-thick tones. Orange is their own voicing though, and really so is Mesa- neither one really "copies" the other from what I understand.
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carlos25f save your receipt! Many pieces of gear are owned for only a short time so that the owner can get to know it, return it, and find something else.

The amps mentioned in this thread are all good options. On the side of versatility, I'll throw in my hat with the Peavey Classic series, as they are excellent, tube, with lots of clean headroom and a very tasty gain structure.
+1 more for the Peavey Classic 30. I don't listen to the Strokes or the Arctic Monkeys but for Radiohead, Oasis, or Coldplay it would perform very well. It takes pedals very well, which you will need to cover all of those bands. The cleans are excellent and go quite loud without breakup. The overdrive channel provides quite a range of tones; from slight breakup to pretty raunchy distortion, actually. In a pinch I have actually used mine for metal tones, but I have high-output pickups, a boost pedal, and an EQ pedal in the loop. I have the head version of the Classic 30 and run it through a 4 X 12, FWIW. The heads are a lot harder to find. Anyway, through my 412 it would be loud enough un-mic'd for most gigs. And that's including crystal-clear cleans.
i will just tack another rec for AC15/30 and classic 30.
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And what do you think about Laney amps? Are they suitable for the kind of music that I specified before?