So here is a link to my Sound Cloud profile on which you will find most of my more recent musical outlets as well as links to individual current projects.

List of current musical projects which music you will find on my SoundCloud page (Electro Jar is a duo, also consisting of Jackie Rasmusen, the rest are solo projects):

Jacob Læby (Drone/Ambient/Noise)

Electro Jar (electronic/downtempo/psychedelic)

(experimental, primarily with electronic elements and recited own poems in Danish)

...and for such a long time

And here are some projects I was involved in in the past
(you wont find anuy of this on Sound Cloud, but you will be able to find it on Spotify):

Janosch (lo-fi/indie pop) - In which I played bass and lead guitar as well as did some backing vocals and contributed to the lyrics as well as compositions.

(hardcore/noise/math rock) - In which I played one of two basses and contributed to the lyrics as well as compositions

And here it is, the link to my Sound Cloud page: