What techniques do you like to use when recording solos, to make them stand out nicely in a mix?

For the sake of this example, let's assume the song you're recording has full, constant sounding rhythm guitars, like metal or bangin' rock. Your solo has to sit on top of it and feel right. Here's some of the things I've come across/tried out elsewhere:

1. Using a different amp, guitar, cabinet, or mic. I find that this is hit or miss, usually miss (to my ears). It ends up sounding so different from the rhythm tracks that it feels like it doesn't belong in the song.

2. Using the same set up as the rhythm, but with a more drastic high pass filter, and with the amp's treble/presence turned down, and maybe the mids turned up. I like this option but find that it is difficult to get this loud enough that it stands out without being too loud. The sweet spot might be too small for the dynamic performance to fit inside the frequency range, particularly if you're doing #3.

3. Mix the solo guitars to mimic the vocal mix.

4. Use of exciters/maximizers. I haven't gotten this to make enough difference on its own, would be interested to know how to use it in concert with other methods to better effect.

5. Creating a low spot in the rhythm guitars' EQ, and raising that same spot in the solo guitar EQ.

Interestingly, one fellow I worked with years ago swore by simply turning on the chorus effect on his Marshall for solos - and doing nothing else differently, a la Chuck Schuldiner.

What has worked for you?
Hi there,

Boosting middle frequences works for me or using different amps and pickups. What you could also try maybe lowering the rhythm guitars under the solo or mute 2 tracks if you recorded 4 rhythm tracks. Greetings
I get the mix close to best I can and then guitar sound I want and then EQ the rest of the mix as much as I can to get it to fit carefully.I always use VST compression on the guitars.Not overly but enough to smooth out peaks.

I only use free stuff so if you are on a PC my two favourites are these,




Tokyo Dawn,


Good EQs as well.