Post a comment if you want some additional background on the subject, but in a nutshell, I started learning guitar a couple months ago and didn't see my jersey finger as too much of a burden as I've gotten used to living with it over two years. Unfortunately, I've realized I could only fret SOME chords with it because while I could fret with my ring finger, I end up muting the string below it because I can't really bend my ring finger. Taking that into consideration, I'm uncertain about its' ability to do vibrato, trills, tapping, legato, etc.

P.S. Some of my inspirations are Estas Tonne, Polyphia, CHON, Plini, Tosin Abasi, Jason Becker, The Helix Nebula, Wretched, Randy Rhoads, early In Flames, Darkest Hour, Angel Vivaldi, and to an extent, Zack Wylde
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Some chords can be hard, but sure you can. Just figure out some fingerings that work with your condition. Django Reinhardt only had two fingers in his fretting hand and he was a goddamn beast and one of the best guitarists in history. You can still do all of the techniques you mentioned with the rest of your fingers., to be honest the ring finger seems like the least important finger in the fretting hand to me.
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Never heard of a jersey finger, had to look it up. Sounds like it will certainly be a handicap and make some things more difficult, but you should be able to work around it. Might have to compensate by using other fingers more or find other ways to play things, but it's doable for sure.
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As Kev said, this guy had his hand burned in a fire and went on to become one of the all time great jazz guitarists. He played the cards he was dealt. Anything is possible if you want it and are willing to reach for it.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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There are probably a lot of places where you can use your pinky for pull/hammer instead of the ring finger, but yes you will have to adapt. The ring finger features pretty prominently in melodic playing, but if you have any control whatsoever with it you can probably get around it and sound normal. You will encounter obstacles and limitations, but there are people out there who got a way worse deal than you did, and they figured out how to make interesting music, with or without chops.
matthewramroop same thing just happen to me inspired a bit trying to learn to play on rocksmith and online videos, then I noticed my Jersey finger was muting the strings below it cause I can't curl the end of it