Hey guys,
So I'm going to buy a Jazzmaster and I'm trying to decide between waiting for the 2017 Professional series to come out, or the currently available American Vintage 65 series... I know I'll have to wait if I really want to compare, but I'm just wondering about your opinions and maybe someone's got the same dilemma.
I haven't played the Professional yet. I'm pretty interested, however.

I've sold and setup a small handful of those 65' Jazzmasters. If you like vintage JM's, it's pretty much the gold standard. However, if you're a fan of incredible tuning stability, beyond full-step bends above the 12th fret, and necks that don't feel like Gibsons on a Fender, I think you'll enjoy the Professional. I guess I'm trying to say that if you don't specifically want an old Jazzmaster made this year, I'd get anything other than the AVRI. I was just never impressed with them.