I have a Fender eighty five Amp that needs both input jacks replaced. I'm having trouble identifying the part number I need. There is many jacks I can purchase do I need a mono or stereo one? Any help is appreciated. Here's what they look like http://m.imgur.com/dKrqnBr
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What are the issues you are having with your jacks? Some contact cleaner and/or bending the contact clips to have a tighter grip on the cable may solve your problems without having to replace the jacks themselves.
I broke the plastic that holds the clip that makes contact with the cable tip so now it doesnt work at all in the "low" input. I need to replace them for sure butttt I dont know which to buy.
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huh. you would almost have to take them off of the board to check out how it is connected. finding the same jacks may be straight out impossible.
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