I really need help with a song that i cant figure out alone by ear, i've been looking everywhere for a tab for this song. But since the artist is not well known makes it impossible to find anything. I somehow figured out the chords for the song but the notes in between the chords is so hard to figure it out, even though i sounds so easy.

The chords start with C-Am-F-Am-G and so on.

Pleas help me and thank you in advance.
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Here is the very beginning... I don't feel up to tabbing the entire
Song out right now... But this shows what is being played is based
On the chords to the song....

  C        Am         F      G
E -0---------0---------1---------------
B -1---------1---------1---------------
G -0---------2---------2--------0-0-0--
D -2--0h2----2--0h2----3--0h2---0-0-0--
A -3------0------------3---------------
E -0----------------1--1------3--------

There is a guy on here named ayreon77 who likes
Doing these types of tabs and is excellent at doing so.
Hopefully he will see this and do the entire song for you...
He is on my friends list... I will shoot a message to him now
And see if he feels like doing this song for you...Ok..
I like the song a lot by the way......
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Thank you so much i kinda did it the hard way by playing down at 5 and 7 fret. And yeah the song is really good, been looking for a way to learn it for the past 5 days, and again thank you so much for the help.
I asked my friend ayreon77 and he may tab it out in full for you...ok
If you want to look him up on my friends list and send him a message ok....

He does requests and this would be more up his alley to do as he likes doing tabs....

Glad what I put her helps... Like I said it is all based off the chords... And I would
Play them as regular chords as opposed to barre chords...