I have these pickups lying around from an older Ibanez prestige guitar. It's been a while but what's everyones thoughts on these pickups? I have a guitar I can make a nice project out of and I have these Dimarzio IBZ lying around along with some EMG H4. Are these Dimarzios any good?
they're decent if you like that type of tone

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They are not bad, if you have them lying around by all means slap them in the project guitar you can always swap them out later if you don't like them.
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I love them but they're not for everyone. I think most people would hate them. They're not that hot and they're pretty bright. I think they get a bad rep because they shouldn't be in an RG. I find they don't work very well in high gain applications. My RG2550Z really started to shine when started mainly playing clean or with very low gain. The players attracted to RGs likely aren't the type of player who would like what those pickups offer. They're not fat-sounding pickups. They have a lot of single-coil qualities but not like a P90. The neck sounds more like a Strat and the bridge sounds more like a Tele. They're hotter and a little warmer and fatter but they have a lot of the punch, attack, and airiness you get from those single-coils. I wanted to change them when I was playing with more gain. But I'm very happy with them now. I can see why most people replaced them but they're not bad at all. They're very different from most humbuckers and they're probably not what people who buy RGs are looking for in a pickup. I think they have a great sound but not a sound that most people are looking for in an RG. And the people who would appreciate that sound wouldn't look for it in an RG. It's a matter of them being in the wrong guitars and not meeting the expectations people have for them.