I've done a lot of recording bass via DI and modelers, but I'm looking to branch out into actually miking up a cabinet and trying to capture the sound effectively - or more precisely, the elements of the sound that are unique to playing through a bass amp.

Your advice? What mic(s) do you use, and where do you put it in relation to the amp? Other tricks to get it right?

I'm also interested in finding a small bass amp just for recording in the sound booth. Looking for something with personality and lots of expression. The Ampeg Micro VR and the Ampeg SVT 100T were recently on my review list.... amp suggestions?
GK MB150S is my fave small amp, lots of tonal options. That'd be my first pick.

As far as miking a cab - it depends what you want to capture. I've done Oktava condenser (don't remember model, maybe MK219A) and a Shure Beta 52A at the spot on different speakers (the condenser on the tweeters, the B52 on the big sub), then mix to taste with the DI track. I've done sm57s for distorted bass and those sounds fine mixed in with a clean or midly driven DI, kinda like Motorhead.

The trick is to keep the lows clean so I always mix DI track and hipass the "dirty" signal about 250-300k, so you don't hear any distorted lows.
diabolical Great info here. I've been wary of GK since a bad experience years ago, but would be plenty willing to give them another chance. Love the versatility in that amp. Looks like you can cover a lot of bases (basses? heh) there.

Interesting note on confining the dirty signal outside of the lows to keep them clean, makes a lot of sense.
Maromasqu that's a trick I learned from Schmier (Destruction) after I asked him about his bass tone. He said he uses the Sansamp bass driver for his clean and the PSA-1 for the dirty and low pass as described.
I'm a fan of 57+D112, or D112 + LDC.
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As a general rule of thumb, any mic you'd use on kick drum is good for a bass amp.

AKG D12 or D112
Shure SM7
Sennheiser e602
Sennheiser MD421


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