I've been playing bass for three hours a day, on a daily basis and I've been experiencing some muscular pain on my arm, specifically my forearm. Is not really painful, is the kind of pain you feel on your legs after running for a long time or on your arms after excercise. I know joint pain is a signal that something is bad, maybe using the wrong technique or something like it... but is muscular pain something to worry too, or is just a signal that my muscles are working? thanks for your help
Do NOT try to play through the pain! Pain is your body telling you that something is wrong, and that you need to back off. Your high school football coach was lying to you! Pain is not a good thing! Trying to play through it is a worse thing!

The pain could be a response to your overdoing it; rather than there being anything wrong with your technique. Slow it down. If it persists; consult a doctor who knows what he or she is doing.
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It's probably only the effects of lactic acid. When I first started gigging I had pains in my forearm that wore off in a couple of days. Playing for 2 hours straight and with all the adrenaline that live playing delivers following after a week of heavy practice and a couple of hours running through things in the morning did it for me. I go to the gym and there's a machine that measures muscle density, after 8 years of bass my left arm is now stronger than my right even though I'm right handed.

If I'm right then you will grow more muscle and an improved blood supply to your muscles and your stamina and strength will improve. It should clear up in a few days if you rest, if not go and see a doctor.