We recorded this about a month ago and I've been working on it on and off since then. We're planning on releasing this as an EP/demo early next year.

I'm a bit stuck with the mix though. I've been listening to it for too long and would like to get some outside perspectives. I want to hear any and all opinions on the songwriting or mixing. I want to know what parts are crap and what parts could be improved.

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First thing that comes to mind after listening to first two songs: what are you using for a reference track(s)? I'd be surprised if the levels between the guitars and drums in your reference match what you have got going on in your tracks. Particularly in Something Better - if you are mixing this I have to wonder if you're the guitarist

The songs are fun but I think they could use the drive from the drums more.
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I'm using a few different reference track, and you're right, the guitars a lot quieter than what I've got here. And you're right again, I am the guitarist I'll definitely have to be more mindful of that.

Cheers for the feedback!
Rock on, that first song is cool. Nice vocal line, too fast to really take out any lyrics, especially with the vocal effects, but I like it. I feel the vocals are a bit too loud though. There is a good bopping rhythm there, it's cool but the guitar could be louder I feel, it'd pop a lot more.

Feel Alright sounds better. I like this one, drums are a little quiet, but I like the vocals again. Guitar solo was neat but I feel it would stick out better with a more dynamic sound. I like the slow down to the end. The phrase reminds me of the Stooges, I FEEL ALRIGHT x10000. Something Better is cool, a slower song. The melody didn't do a whole lot for me but it was fine riff wise. I like the soloing here. What I Know has a cool riff.

This is a decent listen, I don't much care for the vocal effects and the rhythm section could be pushed up a bit. I also feel the vocal melodies don't have a ton of variety, that part's tough I know! But still, I like the first song most.
Unless you recorded this all live, it sounds fairly muddy. If you recorded everything separately on a DAW, you might have a bit too reverb and/or delay on everything. Otherwise it sounds pretty good to me. I like the vocals (kind of reminds me of "Ca Plane Pour Moi" by Plastic Bertrand), and instrumentally it's fine. Please review my music at this link:

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