Thank you for the recent review! Now your tune: the video is making it more entertaining. More towards the beginning, it reminds me a bit of early Nine Inch Nails (with no singing of course). Now that I've watched it more than twice, I think it does work best as video background music. I prefer the part around 0:40 best, since it is the most melodic part. I have an old PC lap top that I rarely use. At one point, I was get spammed every few seconds, and it felt like the video does at ~1:08. It was entertaining: your video & song combo.
Pretty neat sounds, it was a nice mix up of bits coming in here and there. The video makes the song but on it's own it certainly has ambition and cool qualities, it flows nicely from segment to segment, well done. That part at around 0:50 was real cool. It was off to a wicked start at 0:28 as well.
Interesting video, I like the 'glitchy' aspect. Music fits well with it. Synths and e-drums are cool, what software are you using? Mix sounds fine, nothing seems out of place. Flows well from start to end. Cool track, doing others like it?

Nice track, also nicely fitting video for it, though I would appreciate a bit more clarity in the video, but I don't see many vids or music from this genre so it's just my personal opinion.

But yeah nice choice of sounds for the track, I have no complaints about it but a suggestion to improve this is making it sound a lot bigger and deeper with some cool bass, songs like this with e-drums and everything benefit a lot from that, a more aggressive or powerful sound. Good job!

If you want to C4C check out my track here:

Thanks for checking out my stuff poison. Heck is not something I would expect from you to make it's kind of artsy hip and a little trendy sounding I like it though. That disturbing satisfying sounding lead melody coming it at 40 seconds is so fucking cool, it sounds to panned over to the right though but that might of been preference. The outro at 1:47 is a nice sensory treat, I like how it fades out like that by panning from one side to the other. Honestly If I am not looking at the video attached to this song I imagine pretty woman with long legs striking poses down a runway or something haha. But that's not a bad thing I think this track could be marketed to a lot of other peoples endeavors, like people doing vlogs or something on youtube idk... great job with this keep it up.

Can't say I'm terribly familiar with the electronic genre but I'll try to give some good feedback. I think the percussion could be more aggressive once the vocal samples end at the start. I like the almost "telephone ringing" like qualities in some of the synths, it suits the mood you seem to be going for with the video. The percussion does sound very good though, and in general the mix itself. Were you using different snare sounds throughout different parts of the song? It works well when you change the intensity. What ideas were you experimenting on? We might be able to give better feedback if you list them.

If you don't mind, would you be able to C4C?