Just bought an acoustic guitar and was wondering if the set up was ok for a beginner, it seems to have a pretty low action although i wouldn't know to be totally honest. The QC card that came with it has the following measurements for the strings. 1st string 1st fret 0.06mm, 1st string 12th fret 2.5mm, 6th string 1st fret 0.65mm, 6th string 12th fret 2.9mm. I have no idea about such things so any advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance
That's a little high for me. - I go about 1.8 mm 1st string body fret, 2.4 mm 6th string body fret. However, the neck relief should be checked before adjusting saddle height. If you press down the 6th string at the 1st and body frets, the gap between the top of the 5th fret and the bottom of the string should be the thickness of a business card, not much more or less.
Thanks for the reply Tony, i actually think the QC card is wrong, i am not a mathmatician but at the lower frets i would say its higher than the 2.5mm stated. It seems ok at the headstock end but pretty high at the bridge end even though the saddle does look low compared to some guitars i have seen. Is the actual measurement taken from the actual fret wire ?. i am kinda asking for suggestions as what to do as i will be getting some better strings for it and can sort the saddle out while the strings are off

Thanks again
Action height is measured from the top of the fret to the bottom of the strings. Coincidentally, my measurements are the metric equivalent of 4/64" and 6/64", which are a common standard for steel string acoustics.

If the action is higher than spec, the neck relief might have changed since it left the factory. That isn't unusual, but it means that the neck relief should be checked and adjusted (with the truss rod) if necessary before anything is done to the saddle. If you are lowering the saddle, you have to take twice as much off as you want to lower the action, so if you want to lower the action by 0.5 mm, you have to take 1.0 mm off the saddle. The get it spot on, you might have to take different amounts off the bass and treble sides.

FWIW, I always check neck angle on a prospective purchase, regardless of price, to be sure that there will be a reasonable amount of saddle left, at least 1.5 mm after I have got the neck relief and action height right.
Really appreciate your help Tony, waiting on new strings and a few other things then i will sort it out

Thanks again