Hi, this is Simon Revill. I'm an online guitar teacher and I've just published a free to download eBook for guitarists who are interested in metal guitar. It's called Metal Rhythm Guitar Starter Guide.

I've published the book directly on my site in a series of posts. Each chapter includes guitar tab, notation, chord diagrams and audio examples. There's over 131 exercises in total. You can also download the eBook in PDF format if you want.

Here's the link:

mod edit: link removed.

I'll happily answer any questions regarding the book, if anyone has any. Also, any kind of feedback is welcome as I'll be recording your comments for the second edition in the future.

Many thanks,
The forum is a not a platform for advertising. You can most likely submit your articles as lessons of their own on our lessons section though.

There are no GT mods online atm so I'll just report the thread for now. Also lol @ recommending the mid scoop.
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Thanks for the response. I can assure you I'm not trying to break any rules on purpose. I would defintely be interested in posting one of the articles as a lesson on here. Just out of interest, why did you 'LOL' regarding me recommending the mid scoop?
Simon Revill

Because scooping mids is a sure-fire way of getting lost in a live mix, and needs a damn good engineer to make it heard on record.

Either way, what Kevätuhri said is correct, and not trying to do it on purpose is no excuse. Be aware of the rules next time, they're pretty clear.

Locking the thread now, and I've removed the link. If you feel I'm wrong then we can discuss it elsewhere.
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