Hi, so a long time ago I had a Lexicon Omega that came with a free copy of CUbase LE. I am not sure if I have the Lexicon Omega but I used the Cubase LE software to record from my POD XT Pro.

Many computers later, and many years, I have lost the Cubase CD, and its serial number. No way to get either back.

I am not looking for a full featured recording software at all. I just want something to record, with reasonable quality, from the USB of the POD XT Pro, which I believe is AES/SBU.

Presently I am doing very, very bad financially, my phone got shut off, and I am behind in many things. I need a free software program that can record at least decent quality. No bells and whistles, just plain recording.

Does such a thing exist?
AES/EBU is a digital hardware protocol that doesn't use USB, so as long as you have an interface that can handle that you should be able to record.

Any DAW can handle it. I recommend Reaper.
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Thank you guys so much! I have to set the XT Pro as the main default recording device, and then Audacity can use it to record with so thank you again! I appreciate it!