I've been looking to put together my own guitar for a while now and I recently came across Warmoth, and I was wondering if anybody had any warnings/recommendations, or personal experiences with Warmoth.

These are the parts I'm looking to use:

warmouth is one of the better "build it yourself" companies..you need to do some homework of the components..the neck in particular as there are many ways to configure the neck ( I like compound radius) ..and to me at least its the most important part..also the pickups as there are ALOT of variations..

do some research on this before you buy...
play well

both of the necks i've purchased from warmoth have needed a light fret level and crown once installed, so i believe that is to be expected.
i built a strat this year using a warmoth body and neck.

what i really like is the choices you have as far as the necks go, from choosing the woods used to nut width, radius, fret sizes, scale length, neck profile.

you're choices look like good ones.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.

Reports on the need for extra work on Warmoth necks seem to vary a lot. Mine was fine, for example, but I agree that you can't assume they will be good. As you say the choice is enormous. Mine has the Gotoh-designed side adjustment for neck relief, and it works very well.
yeah both of mine didn't need anything but a light level and crown, and i have heard of people lucking out as well. i have the side relief adjustment as well on both.

a few years ago i got a tele neck for a project in the vintage tint finish with a maple fretboard, the frets had finish over them and needed to be scraped clean and then level'd and polished. great neck though once that was done.

i like their stuff. i always find myself scanning the screaming deals looking for an excuse to build another guitar.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.