Havnt played my guitar for a while and theres spotty rust all over a bunch of the metal parts of my guitar what is the best way to remove this? cheers
WD-40 works good, but remove the hardware before using it (it's not good for plastic or the finish). Somebody mentioned something about "3-1 oil" but I don't know what that is.

I don't know if your frets have discoloration, but if they do, that's not rust (it might look like it, but it's not). I pulled a classical guitar that I hadn't played for some time out of the case and I thought all the frets had gone rusty, but it was just discoloration.

For that, I would get something like a "fret eraser" from Stewmac or somewhere to polish them. I'm sure there is something relatively less expensive, like taping off the fretboard and using 0000 steel wool, but that stuff can be a mess. Gibson has/had a video on their website that recommended using that to clean the entire fretboard, but that seems rather cannon-to-kill-a-masquito-ish to me.
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