So my pedal collection is growing (27 so far) and I wanted to start doing demos of them. Basically I wanted to show them in a way that I would want to see them used if I were buying a new pedal. It's my first attempt at this but I would love some feedback if you guys have time (good or bad, both are fine with me). Is there something I could do better besides the editing (I know it kind of stinks but it's all I know how to do)? Am I missing anything important? Thanks for your time!

Without actually watching your demo, I'd suggest you take a look at these threads:

Lots of demo channels in lots of different styles, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Don't carbon copy anyone.- be yourself, or it will show. But there might be elements that you can use and put your own spin on.
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Have you considered perhaps having another guitar buddy in tow?

One thing I've noticed that successful channels that review pedals often do is feature presenters that have distinctive personalities that the audience can find relatable. That's pretty much the entire reason Rob Chappers got so famous, how That Pedal Show managed to get off the ground, how Gearmanndude is so memorable etc. Unless you're a godlike guitar player and/or mixing engineer that could make a toaster oven sound good (Andy at PGS, Ola Englund respectively), simply explaining what the pedal does and demoing a few sounds is not going to be enough to make people notice.

You ultimately need to do something that makes you distinctive from other pedal reviewers.

You're also going to need high quality recording equipment. Recording the review on an iphone is amateurish.

One Idea I have as a "pedal reviewing YouTube personality" (I cringe every time) is reviewing your pedals in a style very similar to the way Regular Car Reviews review their cars. They don't just talk about the car itself, as they're aware that almost everyone and their dog has already reviewed the Corvette C7, but they also talk about and ridicule the culture of people who drive them. Watch some of their videos and you'll see exactly what I mean.

No pedal reviewer has done something like that before and I think such an angle could be compatible with guitar player culture. If I was going to do pedal reviewing somewhat seriously and wanted to get popular off the back of it, that's what I'd try.
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I didn't watch the vid, but keep talking to a minimum. I hate overly talkative reviews.

I really liked when one reviewer used a loop pedal. He played the loop and then adjusted the knobs on the pedal so you can hear the different tones. You could record a rhythm part and run through settings and then a lead part and run through the settings.
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You're also going to need high quality recording equipment. Recording the review on an iphone is amateurish.
I don't know how the trends back it up or don't, but in my view this is rule number one. If there's one demo of a pedal on YouTube, I click on it and it's some blurry phone camera footage (or even some relatively decent phone camera footage), I generally click off it and think "Fuck, there's no proper demos of such-and-such pedal."
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I thought it was pretty decent. No talking and straight to the point. You show a pretty big range of sounds the pedal can produce so that is cool.

If you decide later on to add commentary maybe just do a quick intro of your pedal, what you're going to show off and then maybe some final thoughts after the demo. Good luck
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this was good for me to watch because i am slowly starting to do demos.

but IMO it was a bit dry. i agree with the personality thing.

also from a viewing perspective, i agree with K33nbl4d3 if the video isn't clear, i will click away.
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You did it right, you don't have a 30 second "intro" animation, you don't come on and talk about unrelated crap.
You show the device, what it sounds like, and some of its abilities, all in all exactly what I want from a youtube video.
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