marshall dsl40c combo
orange ad30tc combo

il end up buying a nice 4x12 sooner or later, volume is no problem because yeah they will be plenty loud enough for what i play.
i play alot of led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, muse, van halen, so basically like 70's and 80's hard rock with some metal and a decent amount of blues in there

i can obtain both for around the same price, $200 dollar difference but what are your suggestions on what i go with or if you have another completerly different amp choice for me let me know! i live in australia so yeah gear can be hard to come across due to everything being made in england and america. thanks guys
Probably the Orange since the speakers are better; how much is the AD30tc you're looking at? Because in the US it's going $2300 new(USD; vs the $700 for the DSL40C new) so I'm confused as to how the DSL40C could only be $200 less. Just trying to make sure it falls in your budget.
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$1200 used for the ad30tc, its from a friends friend whos looking to get rid of it. hes a bedroom player and hes had to since new. takes good care of his stuff so this thing is in great condition. the dsl40c is $1000 from a local shop.
yeah im leaning towards the orange mostly because of the speakers. the dsl40c is rather cheap but i got a brand new 2013 gibson lpj for $800 from them, in perfect condition and still in original packaging about a year and a half ago.
the dsl40c is basically in perfect condition too, ive played through it a few times when trying new guitars from there. also played the ad30tc a few years back
or should i buy a new guitar, either a js100 in red for $900 or a fender jimi hendrix mexican sig that come out a while ago brand new for $1200. so many options haha
where are you at? your market sounds way fucked up.
I'd probably go for the orange. A bedroom player doesn't drive his amp hard and as you said well taken care of.
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I vote 40C. Mine sound good at both bedroom and stage volume, and can easily be modded if need be. Just remember to get the version with creamback speakers.
queensland australia, gear is either extremerly overpriced and common or affordable and a good deal but extremerly rare to come across, its shit tbh
What about Laney? I'd go for a IRT 60 with 2x12 (combo) or one of the heads either the 60 watt or 120 watt head with 2x12 cab, maybe the Harvey Benton with Greenbacks which gets good reviews on here or the Laney cab that goes with the amp.

The DSL40C will probably do it all as well as will the Orange, the question is what you like in terms of voicing? Just listen to the demos.