Anyone have a suggestion for a first guitar solo not too easy and not too hard? Thinking about the intro solo for no one like you by the scorpions
The first solo I learned was the first solo in Metallica's 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium).' It was challenging to me (I had only been playing maybe 6 months) but doable. The second was from Fade to Black, but I never quite got that sweep picked part right. I should revisit that...
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Highway to Hell is the perfect first solo
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The Beatles "Let It Be", the album version solo is a good first one with some tasty bends and licks. "Day Tripper" has a nice and easy one as well.

Ac/Dc's "Touch Too Much" is a very simple rock n' roll solo. "Shake Your Foundations" is also easy and gives you some bends.

Boston's "More Than a Feeling" has a nice melodic solo. If you want something that really pushes a sense of melody and emotive bends give Paul Stanley's "Hold Me, Touch Me" a chance. Easy notes for a first solo but a challenging feel. It's a bit of a cornball ballad but Paul really hits it on the lead break. Check out KISS' "A World Without Heroes", "Sure Know Something" and "Is That You?" for more fun Stanley solos. Good luck with things!
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1) Sanitarium ( as mentioned above) - the slow solo is accessible
2) One ( intro solo)
3) Powerslave ( Iron Maiden) - the slow solo
4) Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden - the intro solo
5) Paranoid - Black Sabbath
6) Orion - slow solo
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