Hey !

I play in a heavy metal band and we just released a new EP. Our influences are 70's bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Blue Oyster Cult and the likes, also with Stoner & Doom.

I'm curious to know what do you think about the songs and the sound production.

Here it is:

I can write back some critiques if you like, old school UG style.
I was kind of taken aback by the guitar in the first song it seemed...hhm out of tune or something? But it got better. I'm not one for judging anyone's production but I think it was lacking in terms of bass and I didn't much care for the reverb on the vocals. That aside the first song certainly has riffs, little Sabbathy especially when it slowed down. That was cool I like the change-up. I was waiting for that solo to come in. I feel the main riff is sort of Kinks like perhaps. It was a bit long but not too bad.

I personally feel these songs could use a mightier guitar tone to match the drums. Leaders of Great Magnitude's drum parts reminds me of "Children of the Grave" I think. I do like the change ups in the songs, it makes them more interesting. Some nice stereo panning here and there, the middle part of this song is good I just feel it could've built to something a little greater.

I like the keyboard interlude and "Starcrossed Lovers" is pretty cool. The 70's heavy metal vibe shows in these songs, good pick up! I like this one. It's riff is stronger as is the vocal melody. Cool. "Esoterhythm" has a cool intro and a...what would you call it...a swaying riff for lack of better term. I wasn't too taken by the vocal entry but it got better, the verse part feels a tad bit awkward. I feel like the guitars lack a sort of dynamic sense as they go from bit to bit, like there is no change in the sound. I couldn't really tell what any of the lyrics where but when one sings fast that is bound to happen. The solo was good and the two guitars where cool there. I just feel some of the transitions where a tad bit clumsily.

The tunes are fun, there is a Sabbath feel to them, a little bit of early Priest as well. I feel it would be better with more bass and a more in your face guitar sound. The tunes are long but the change ups make it more interesting. "Starcrossed Lovers" was my favorite. I'd say you guys have a cool idea with this and...well I listened to it all so take that as you will! Ha ha.

Now here is the weird part. This is my stuff if you'd like to throw it back. It's hard to listen to I know!