I own a Yamaha Pacifica 721 since way back and i rarely ever play it. When i bought it the guitar was in desperate need of repairs which I got some help with. Just the other day I realized something was weird one of the volume knobs. Turns out the pot is stuck (you can't even turn it) and the cables had come off. Since I'm not really good at this i thought to turn to you for help. My soldering skills are limited, but if i get some pointers i could probably fix it, that is, if I know where the cables should go. Also, as you can see in the image there is some kind of metallic "thread" with a green thing on top (soldered to the top pot). What is it and what does it connect to?

Here's an image of what I'm trying to describe:


Looks like your missing a pot. Maybe the tone pot? I would look to Seymour Duncan.com and find the schematic and re-wire it.
That green thing is called a capacitor.
Looks like one of these doesn't it?

Its part of your tone control.

Go to Seymour Duncan like OneEyed said.

You guitar looks like this as far as pickups, switches go? (and I'm assuming you're missing a pot):

If so, then this is the page you want : http://www.seymourduncan.com/wiring-diagrams?meta_params=guitar-options,3-pickups,neck-h,middle-s,bridge-h,1-volume,1-tone

If you need new pots, switches, knobs, ANYTHING related to guitar electronics, go here : http://smallbear-electronics.mybigcommerce.com/
Look in the "Potentiometers and Trimpots" category to start with.
Small bear is VERY helpful and the owner Steve is very knowledgeable and helpful and very smart.

Tell him Rob Jones sent you (I used to do some work for Small Bear)
Tell them what you need, show him this thread, whatever helps you to get your needs known (try to be brief because Steve busts his ass and probably works 25 hours a day 8 days a week).
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