Hi all,

Wanted to know a few things about my setup😂. I have a behringer v-tone GMX 210 and a pc and a Harmon/Kadron avr 155 amp. At the moment my guitar is plugged in to my pc through a rocksmith cable and output goes through my AVR with effects/processing turned off. What i would like to do is use the Aux in and line out from my pc through my behringer. But i am concerned about the signals. The amp says analog modeling which to me says its a digital amp. I want to also use a drum machine on it as well. In the manual it says a drum machine can plug in but im using my pc. Any thoughts on this please.

Sorry, just not clear enough what you want to do wiht what.

The V-tone aux in and out can be anything at line level.

A drum machine can go into aux in no problem. If you want to put two things into aux in then it is possble with a passive mixer (not something you can buy, but can make).
Ok to clarify (my bad)

I like the flexibility of playing guitar through my pc. I want to use my behringer amp as a powered speaker (of sorts) for audio output. That way it will give me room to signal everything back to my avr and record off of that. The sound quality from my software and avr (even with sound processing turned off) is excellent and definitely want to go that way about it. Uless i can't..lol
Still don't have a clue what you want to do or why.

The usual way of recording guitar is to plug it into an amp, put a mic in front of the amp, use a (at least 2 channel I/O) recording interface to feed into the PC and use the interfaces monitor outputs to drive monitor speakers (or in your case, your home cinema amp and its speakers).

But you only have a guitar interface to put guitar signal direct into the PC which you say you like. I assume that you are driving the AVR 155 from the PC's normal audio outs - which are usually not good quality. You could connect it to the guitar amp first and then go into the rocksmith from the aux out on the GMX210 - which would allow you to use both sets of effects / processing. This would be sort of OK but would not permit use of the Beringer's stereo effects.

I would suggest that a more versitle PC interface would allow further configurations which will be much better than using a Rocksmith. (assuming that this is what I looked up as a Rocksmith https://www.amazon.co.uk/UBI-Soft-300046181-Rocksmith-Cable/dp/B007KGISK6 )

https://www.manualslib.com/manual/214217/Behringer-V-Tone-Gmx110.html#manual gives some useful applications.
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